Frank Maguire

A master of communication and an inspirational force both on and off the podium, Frank Maguire is widely-acclaimed as a business and organization guru, and one of the leading public speakers in the world.

Frank graduated from Fordham University with a B.S. in Philosophy and Communications, and served as Director of Program Development for ABC in New York for three years. He then took a job in the White House, serving Presidents Kennedy and Johnson as a special assistant in public affairs.

Later he worked as Director of Marketing and Public Relations Programs for American Airlines, in New York, and then as Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications for Kentucky Fried Chicken, in Louisville.

Several years later, Frank became the original Senior Vice President of Industrial Relations and served as the Chief Personnel Officer for FedEx, in Memphis. At FedEx, Frank was the creator of the communications and employee relations programs that helped make the company a multi-billion dollar success story. He helped turn the phrase “absolutely, positively overnight” from a hope to a guarantee. He was also instrumental in creating the organizational culture and the success that earned FedEx the honor of being named the “Top Corporation of the Decade” by Fortune.

Frank Maguire is one of corporate America’s most knowledgeable authorities on organizational culture, marketing, branding and communications. For the last 25 years, Frank has been a professional keynote speaker, author and consultant, delighting, teaching and inspiring the leaders and staff of most of America’s top companies and organizations.


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