Garth Roberts

Is your favorite movie Star Wars, Casablanca, My Left Foot, The English Patient or Pinnochio? It really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you get involved mentally and emotionally when you watch it. You’re living the story with the characters.

How about your life? Are you as involved? Are you truly living your life with passion and commitment?

Garth challenges you to take a quick look at the three-act structure of your life—your planning, communicating and follow-up. Most of us plan our vacations better then we plan our lives! Join Garth and learn:
How your behavioural style impacts your three-act structure.

What the stories of your life may have to do with your success. What your imagination can do for you at work, at home or in your community. How you can put a plan in place to move forward with fun and passion. Without the full three acts – planning, communicating and follow-up –
you’re not writing the full movie of your life.


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