Dr. Joe Rubino

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed expert on the topic of self-esteem, a life-changing personal development trainer and success coach and best selling author of 9 books and 2 Audio sets on topics ranging from how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and productivity in business. An acclaimed speaker and course leader, he is known for his groundbreaking work in personal and leadership development, building effective teams, enhancing listening and communication skills, life and business coaching and optimal life planning.

His best selling books and audio programs are available in 19 languages and in 48 countries. His personal development titles include:

• The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life. Visit: www.SelfEsteemSystem.com for more information.

• The Success Code: 29 Principles for Achieving Maximum Abundance, Success, Charisma, and Personal Power in Your Life

• The Success Code, Book II: More Authentic Power Principles for Creating Your Dream Life

• The Magic Lantern: A Fable about Leadership, Personal Excellence, and Empowerment

• The Legend of the Light-Bearers: A Fable about Personal Reinvention and Global Transformation

Dr Rubino is the CEO of The Center for Personal Reinvention, www.CenterForPersonalReinvention.com, an organization committed to the personal excellence and empowerment of all people. He has impacted the lives of more than 1 million people through self-esteem work, personal and group coaching, and personal and leadership development. Dr. Rubino was featured on the cover of Success Magazine and in their cover story, “We Create Millionaires” for his ability to impact people’s lives. He is a certified success coach in life planning technology and the co-developer of the life-changing course, Conversations for Success, a program that provides participants with the tools to maximize their self-esteem, productivity and personal effectiveness with others. His vision is to personally impact the lives of twenty million people to be their best and to shift the paradigm around resignation - that is, that anyone can affect positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others - if they believe they can.

To learn more about how Dr. Rubino can support your business success and life fulfillment, contact him at DrJoe@CenterForPersonalReinvention.com or visit www.CenterForPersonalReinvention.com. Learn more about his life-changing work in championing people to restore their self-esteem at www.SelfEsteemSystem.com and receive the free insightful audio program “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem” and a 1 year subscription to “The Success Achievers’ Club”…a $129 Value!



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