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Blonde and Bold

From America to Australia and Madrid to Mexico, inspired audiences are leaping to their feet after hearing international motivational speaker LuAn Mitchell's message of genuine hope, unwavering faith and personal commitment to action. LuAn is the woman who has overcome adversity on every front, and she can teach you to do the same. Her life is a story of tragedy and triumph, emerging every time to reach the pinnacle of business, family and personal success.

LuAn, an international bestselling author, teaches you to believe in yourself. Everything you need to achieve your dreams, everything you need to succeed, everything you need to be happy - the instinct, the guts and the drive - are already deep inside you, just waiting to burst out. LuAn shows you how to use those feelings to become a success!

If you want to get to the top, you need to start climbing. And who better to guide you than LuAn Mitchell, one of the top 40 businesswomen in the world?

In Blonde and Bold, this experienced entrepreneur, business executive, author, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and mother shares her tips and advice for gaining All Encompassing success in your own life.

Featured Leader of the Month 01/08
Contributing writer for Personal Development Magazine:

North Valley Magazine (Phoenix Arizona)
Scarlett Magazine
Vancouver View (Vancouver BC)
Palm Springs Life

Founding member of:
SANG ~ Speakers, Authors Networking Group

Media available for viewing at:

She's been called the "White Oprah!"

Life Coach and Corporate Motivational Speaker

• International best selling Author, from sales at personal seminars of many publications and recorded seminar/teachings

• Motivational Speaker

• Named Canada's 1 Female Business Owner for Three Consecutive Years!

• Inducted as a Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World

• Former Chairwoman, Mitchell's Gourmet Foods

• She reaches Millions globally as the Popular Host of "Millionaire Mentor " on Voice America Internet Radio

• And is NOW SYNDICATED with World Talk Radio to reach even more!

• Served on the Harvard Women's Leadership board

• Named American Biographical Institute's Woman of the Year 2005

• "Pass it ON" ... Film Star!

• The Opus Movie motivational film Star!

Book Series and seminar leader due for release 02/08

Member Power Team International Featured Speaker... Bureaus Expert International Listings

As entrepreneur, corporate executive, author, motivational speaker, Motivational Movie Star, philanthropist and mother, LuAn Mitchell has lived a life of wide experience, harsh reality and repeated triumph.

Ms. Mitchell has been referred to as a:

~ A Gardener Diva~
planting seeds for good ~

As a mother of four, and soon to be "grandmother!" Successful, entrepreneur and award winning multi talented woman LuAn Mitchell knows "Sure Fire," success "Business of Life," secrets, in her signature style she keeps the world informed and alert to their true growth potential!

With long experience as one of the most accomplished women in the world, she has an intimate understanding of the issues of competitiveness and global pressures in today's tough "business of life" world.

Her many awards include being inducted as a leading woman entrepreneur of the World in Madrid Spain in 2001, and the McGill University of Montreal Quebec presenting her with their prestigious Management Achievement Award in 2003. The American biographical institute named her their Woman of the year for 2005 and she was also awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award!

Ms. Mitchell was also named Canada's "Number One" female entrepreneur by Profit and Chatelaine magazines in a nationwide search for three consecutive years.

As a highly sought-after motivational speaker, LuAn is also known as an international bestselling author and teacher.

Ms. Mitchell is a first-class personality known around this glorious planet for her inspiring messages of perseverance and triumph. LuAn is a strong believer of building a better planet one person at a time. She takes her "seeds for good" and endeavors to plant them for future harvests for us all!

LuAn has helped other people reach their true potential, and now for the first time ever ~ She is planting her seeds for good, with YOU!

~ upcoming movies and books LuAn will be featured IN, soon!

LuAn's recent Radio interview on the Dr. Jeanette Show

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LuAn Mitchell's extraordinary life story from Miss Saskatoon to much lauded entrepreneur to acclaimed motivational speaker. She is a source of inspiration for people around the world!

  LuAn's Millionaire Mentor show has now been syndicated with World talk radio, so there are even more options for show times!

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A fearless female entrepreneur, a corporate executive, author, motivational speaker, philanthropist, mother and former beauty pageant winner - LuAn Mitchell has reached the pinnacle of business success. She was named Canada's Number One Female Entrepreneur for three consecutive years.

Recently, LuAn receive accolades from renowned speaker Mark Victor Hansen, co-author and creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul and the One Minute Millionaire series.

"She not only has rags to riches story; she's got a tragic to magic story. When you hear LuAn, you are going to see her inner radiance radiate.and she is going to ignite that inner radiance. and bring out the best," said Hansen at a recent seminar. Hansen has also featured LuAn in his wealth retreat in Orlando, Florida.

Traveling the world with her message of success, LuAn inspires women, men and students of all walks of life to be confident; confront their insecurities, and most of all love themselves and their families.

LuAn Mitchell has:
Many, successful media/speaker/tours with many stories and reports from newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

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