Peggy O'Neill

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Believe it!

As a young person, Peggy O’Neill thought she had no chance, no chance of ever living a successful and happy life. Somewhere along the way however, she recognized that her very nature was joy, and therefore, happiness was possible for everyone, even for her, as an adult standing only 3 feet 8 inches tall.

With this realization, Peggy fully embraced the belief: it is possible to achieve a rich and fulfilling life! Thus, she began her passionate pursuit of overcoming the many obstacles that separated her from actualizing a truly happy life.

Currently, Peggy’s point of view is quite different from many years ago. She now feels she has so many gifts (of joy, insight, love and success), that her biggest need now is to contribute; contribute what she has gained through her journey with others who also wish to actualize the personal vision in their deep heart.

Peggy speaks to kids in schools all over the US, helping them to better celebrate their unique talents and gifts, while honoring differences in others. She also talks to people in businesses about breaking free from whatever holds them back from achieving their highest, deepest, richest dream, as well as how to get along better.

Peggy is the author of two books: Little Squarehead, an award winning, self-affirming, illustrated children’s book, and Walking Tall: Overcoming Inner Smallness, No Matter What Size You Are.

Peggy celebrates her daily life in Los Angeles, CA with her husband Bradley Laise, also a little person and actor, and their Samoyed dogs. To learn more about Peggy & her work, visit


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