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Digital Marketing


  • Reach the target on Facebook & Instagram by using Lookalike Audiences and Audience Segmentation, in conjunction with geographical data points
  • Utilize Facebook’s native data on users to A/B test multiple targeting strategies and drive down CPL
  • Retarget the audience within newsfeed (including video, creative dependent) and sidebar ads
  • Nurture leads that enter the funnel through Facebook video to promote enrollment.
  • Dynamic product marketing for ecommerce
  • Website conversion ads
  • Use of “carousel” ads to promote multiple products
  • Use of “offer” claim ads for aggressive call to action
  • Optimize for Cost Per Acquisition
  • Look-a-Like Modeling

Programmatic Display Advertising

Most websites’ visitors will leave without making a purchase or even making it past the homepage. Clients can increase sales and conversion rates through Site Re-Marketing. Site Re-Marketing gives clients the ability to deliver their ads directly to the people who have already expressed interest by visiting their site.       

  • Awareness
  • Credibility
  • Interest
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
  • Loyalty
  • Display Banner Ads
    • Site Prospecting
    • Site Remarketing
    • Search Remarketing
    • Contextual
    • Behavioral
    •  Audience Segmentation
    • Cross Platform Targeting
      • Desktop
      • Tablet
      • Mobile
  • Dynamic Messaging
  • Conversion
  • Site Remarketing
  • Search Remarketing
  • Content Marketing


  • The passion point of music drives scale & engagement



  • Geographically Targeted
  • Demographically Targeted
  • Dayparting




Video Marketing

Reasons to use Video Marketing:

  • Boosts Conversions and Sales
  • Shows Great ROI
  • Builds Trust
  • Google Loves Videos
  • Appeals to Mobile Users
  • Can Explain Everything
  • Engages Even the Laziest Buyers
  • Encourages Social Shares


Gmail Ads

People can interact with your expanded ad in different ways, depending on your ad’s layout. They can play video, fill out a form, click to go to your website, or (when they’re on mobile) click to call or to go to an app marketplace. Ads that are expanded can be saved and even forwarded as email to other people.

Satelite Radio

Powerful Reach

  • With 31.3 million PAID subscribers, SiriusXM is the 2nd largest subscription service behind NetFlix (46.5 million)
  • Attracts 62.6 Million Radio listeners representing 25% of all network radio listening
  • 76% penetration in every major automotive manufacturer


Companies choose E Image Agency for TV Advertising because they want better results. Beyond Nielsen ratings, Scarborough research, and the average CPP in the market, companies that are looking for an edge find that our 45+ combined years of media buying experience goes a long way when it comes to producing the best results on broadcast and cable, local or national.


Radio Advertising is an effective medium for advertisers to engage listeners in a one-on-one environment. E Image Agency has experience buying nationally and up to 50 local markets at a time focused on driving tangible results.

Out of Home

Outdoor advertising has always been a great method for establishing your brand. There are a variety of outdoor advertising options such as static billboards, electronic billboards, vehicles, and even projections onto buildings.

Data Visualization

Real-time analytics is the backbone of any successful campaign that is run through E Image Agency. Our customized proprietary dashboard, “The Hub”, works in concert with Google Analytics, Facebook’s API, E Image Agency’s proprietary DSP, and multiple data management platforms to rand accurate data available.