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Creator and Producer of The Opus
My name is Douglas Vermeeren. I am the creator and producer of The Opus. Over the past ten years, I have interviewed more than 400 of the world's top achievers. Because of what I have learned, I have come to be known around the world as "the achievement expert." I now travel the globe speaking to audiences with the goal of helping people to turn their amazing potential into awesome performance.
Why the name The Opus?

I chose the name The Opus, because I believe that is what we are all capable of - An Opus. Some dictionaries define an Opus as the most brilliant composition a music composer creates in a lifetime. I believe this is a brilliant analogy. Each of us is our own instrument and we create our personal symphony by what we do with our lives. We have unlimited potential and anything is possible. Our personal symphony can be grand. It can be colourful. It can be inspiring. We can choose. Therefore, The Opus is really an invitation to take your life and create the most incredible and awesome legacy that is within you.

What is The Opus about?

I wasn't always this sure of my success or the achievement formula. My journey towards achievement began when I was eight or nine. I was a cub scout. One night we had a special guest come to speak to our troop. This man had traveled the world. He showed us pictures of the pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the ruins of Chichen Itza and more. We all became immediately excited. As he showed us the pictures, he encouraged us to think bigger than we ever thought before. He told us we could do anything. Then he passed around papers and a pencil to every boy present. He instructed us to number our pages one to one hundred. He then told us to write on the page next to each number something amazing we would do in our life. I finished my list about a week later with one hundred and seventeen items. i was excited about my list. The things I had written were important to me. I felt they were truly amazing things and I wanted to accomplish each of them with all my heart. But it wasn't long until I realized that I had a problem. I didn't know what to do next.

Perhaps you have encountered the same problem. You have set a goal. You know what you want with clarity. But what is the next step? What can you do?

My goal with this project is to answer that question. What next?

I have invited several of the world's greatest teachers and top achievers to help me answer this question. Join us as we unfold the formula to unlocking your amazing possibilities and teach you how to create your own personal Opus.

The Opus
From Vision to Plan to Performance.

Douglas Vermeeren


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